Welcome to Focus Beyond!

Focus Beyond Transition Services is a special education program that works with young adults ages 18-21 who have unmet special education needs. The program offers on-site seminars and opportunities in the community, where students learn skills in the area of employment, post-secondary training and independent living. Our goal is to increase independence at an individual level,

Career Skills Day
so that the young adults with whom we work can be active members of their community. Focus Beyond has an enrollment of about 235 students, with licensed special education teachers and related services staff, paraprofessionals, and work experience coordinators. The program also has strong partnership with community employers and service agencies.

Focus Beyond programs connect

Bus Training
special education, vocational education, and community agencies to provide transition planning and services for students up to age 21.

Mission Statement
Focus Beyond's mission is to provide transition services through collaborative partnerships that guide students through individualized pathways, promoting life long learning as contributing members of their community.


Disability Advocay Day
is Eligible?
Students are eligible for Focus Beyond if they are currently receiving special education services and their IEP team has determined a need for continued support and transition services in order to meet goals and objectives related to becoming more independent adults.